Car Sale Agreement

Vehicle Details
Car Sale
Car/Vehicle Being Sold for the sum of Amount

This Car Sale Deed made at 20-May-2024 on


Seller: S/O ABC bearing CNIC 37200-1234567-8

Herein after Called the 'Seller' which expression shall include their legal heirs, successors-in-interest, legal representatives and assigns of the 'ONE PART'


Buyer: S/O XYZ bearing CNIC 37200-98765432-1

1. That this Car Sale Agreement is done on 20-May-2024

2. THAT in pursuance of the said agreement, the Seller hereby covenants with the Tenant that the said property is his/her absolute and separate property and is free from all sorts of encumbrances, lien, claims, damages and charges whatsoever and the Landlords hereby sell, assign, convey and transfer the said property etc. to the Tenant.

3. THAT the Seller also hereby transfers the rights of receiving rents etc. and profits therefrom.

4. That the Seller also transfers all fixtures presently attached to the said property such as doors, floorboards, cupboards, windows and electrical fittings.

5. THAT the possession of the above said Vehicle has been delivered by the Seller to the Buyer on the spot or due on a delivery date.

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