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The Information Technology Revolution is bound to transform way we do contracts. Every stage in the life of a contract - drafting, signing, witnessing, archiving and third-party verification - can now be made easier and cheaper through automation. World Agreements has done that. It is a platform for enabling you to enter into valid and legally binding contracts digitally.

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You don't need to sift through an endless array of unreliable drafts. You can now draft your agreements using our formats which have been prepared by skilled, world-class lawyers.


In an increasingly globalised world, it's difficult to put all parties in one place and get them to physically sign contracts. World Agreements provides you a secure digital platform for signing your agreements and getting them signed by other parties and witnesses who may be located anywhere in the world.


Digital Verification of agreements. A copy of agreements signed through World Agreements will remain stored in our GLOBAL REGISTER OF AGREEMENTS for all times to come . Anyone interested in verifying a copy of the Agreement can scan the unique QR code and see the authenticated copy, subject, of course, to the privacy requirements.


One of the greatest advantages of using World Agreements is that here you can store all your agreements in one place.


World Agreement is different from - and better than - comparable platforms like DocuSign, PakSign and HighQ (Thomson Reuters). Here's why

- It's NOT JUST A SIGNING platform. It's a truly INTEGRATED CONTRACT MANAGEMENT platform which allows users to draft, sign, witness, archive and independently verify contracts - all in one place.

- It's FREE, at least for now. Other contract management platforms will cost you a monthly subscription fee of hundreds of dollar. We're free - at least for now. Even in the long run, World Agreements aims to remain as affordable as possible.

- It's EASY. Most contract management platforms are designed to be used only by fancy law firms and in-house counsel. That's why there are quite complicated. World Agreements aims to be a service for all mankind - for lawyers and lay people alike, something like google for the world of contracts. Therefore, it's layout is extremely basic making it easy to use.

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World Agreements is meant to be a service for all mankind. It is inspired by the teachings of the Holy Quran which encourages all people to record their contracts accurately, to get them witnessed and to abide by them.

"And do not be weary of writing [the debt agreement] down, along with its due date, no matter whether the debt is small or large. That is more equitable in Allah’s sight, and more supportive as evidence, and more likely to make you free of doubt. However, if it is a spot transaction you are effecting between yourselves, there is no sin on you, should you not write it. Have witnesses when you transact a sale. Neither a scribe should be made to suffer, nor a witness. If you do (something harmful to them), it is certainly a sin on your part, and fear Allah. Allah educates you, and Allah is All-Knowing in respect of everything."

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