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Power of Attorney

This power of attorney made at 20-May-2024 on

Before the


In the matter of






I the undersigned do hereby nominate and appoint ________, to be my lawful attorney(s) to do the following acts in respect of the above matter and all interlocutory matters and appellate, review, revision remedies and proceedings arising therefrom (hereinafter referred to as the “legal proceedings”):

1. To represent me in the above Council/Court or any appellate court or to any other court to which the legal proceedings in the above matter are transferred.

2. To sign, execute, submit, file, and withdraw pleadings in any court or office in connection with the said matter or any matter arising therefrom. The pleading may include, amongst other things, petitions, applications, statements, accounts, exhibits, compromises, appeals, revisions, reviews and affidavits


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I/we have hereto signed at Islamabad, on 10-12-2022

Executant(s): ________________


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